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see you space cowboy

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software developer by day, fangirl by night.

+ too much math. not enough literature.
+ brainy characters, tortured anti-heroes, happy dorks and bossy space ladies.
+ currently too invested in that stupid heist show that TNT canceled a.k.a. leverage to function properly.
+ crossovers are my absolute fave. the more improbable it is that the different universes cross, the more i enjoy reading (and occasionally, writing) it.
+ harry potter and naruto are my favorite 'verses to play around in.
+ fairly ship-neutral. can read mostly any ship in any fandom except leverage, where anything nate/!sophie and sophie/!nate is like a stab in the gut.

* if you'd like to know what other tv shows i've watched, see this entry.
* if you'd like to know what anime i've seen, here is a woefully incomplete list.
* if you'd like to know what jdrama/cdrama/kdrama i like, then you should know i sleep through 99% of asian dramas with the sole exception of atashinchi no danshi. special mention: goong, which i finished at gunpoint.
* if you'd like to be friends, comment here.

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